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What now?

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I keep starting to write something, and finding myself unable to put into words what I'm thinking. My thoughts whirl too quickly, I guess I shouldn't try and catch them all or be with them all. The reality is I don't like to think that they all are me, but they are. I mean, here I sit in front of my computer screen (at least I have one-and the energy to power it right?), cursor blinking. Yet, my major dilemma is what should I say? Or, where do I begin? and Does anyone care? Does it matter? Is all hope lost? and Should my only hope now be that it be short, the war that is?

What if these aren't the first things to cross my mind? What if, the first thing to cross my mind is, haven't we been here before?

On the brink of War...again...

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"President Bush speaks to the nation tonight..."-NPR Correspondent 4:35pm EST (unsurprisingly) it appears American and British declared war on Iraq is inevitable.

I just want to make it clear to the few people who visit this site. I don't support the war. I also do not condone torture, no matter what an individual's "potential as a ticking time bomb" or participation in mass terrorist attacks like September 11th. That's right Mr. President, if I were on the "evil side" (if there were such a thing) I wouldn't support your torture either, even though from the evil's perspective you are also a terrorist..

Expansive Universe

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Hello to those of you that I do not yet know. I'm a friend of Wayne's from way back and my name is Sarah Gonzales (for the interim). All my musings will post under Mexico left.

About a week ago I heard an brief commentary on npr of recent findings that the universe is just expanding. Instead of the previously conceived idea of expansion following contraction following potentially cyclical Big is just expanding ad infinitum.

flaming netiquette

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reading recent posts on a group forum that i'm a part of reminded me of the "good old days" of bulletin back in i yearn for the dollar prompt.
(it was basically a way to see other people's comments on certain topics by typing esoteric commands into a black screen.)

now mind you, i'm not much of a poster. i definitely tended to lurk around discussions and read the volleys going back and forth, but there was some sort of "netiquette" that people followed. There were definitely the "flamers", people who would pick a fight just to get a rise out of other readers. without fail, someone would get SO offended at a post that a huge argument would errupt between 5, 6, 7 people/groups about sex/classes/tenure/politics you name it. at first it was disconcerting to read all of these vehement arguments that were basically out there for everyone to see.

but then i was just a way for people to blow off some steam. it's the nature of the medium. you can get all riled up about some person's point of view b/c you can't actually see them/hear them. but stepping back and realizing that this happens - made me read everything with a grain of salt. i'd see the people who had posted the most outrageous things the next day, around campus, in the dining hall, but i didn't judge them on the things they had written. or at least i tried.

i know that i've written posts in haste and anger that i later regretted writing or wish i had said better, but it was out there for everyone to read. this is still a form of communication that i'm still learning how to articulate myself through (as with other things too.) hopefully this blog (and my other blog) will help me do that. ;-)

On an invitation to a public dialogue

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This originally appeared in a private group on yahoo groups, I wrote it and it stands as an open invitation to all my fellow workshoppers et al, and most of this will seem out of context to my regular visitors.
The mile of posts behind this one are all very thought provoking and have reinforced my commitment to share with everyone an idea and commitment I'd like to share with everyone.

How to make a Master Key...

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Wow, I always knew tumblelocks were easy to pick, but this is ridiculous. Thanks to the musings of another fine Texan.

The idea of sponsorships flexing their $$$...

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The idea of sponsorships flexing their $$$, by paying young naive (or even old ignorant) websurfers to build fake weblogs to pitch their new product makes me sick and I'd hope that bloggers will remain as smart, as the ones I frequent, seem. And stay the hell away from this sort form of marketing, urban legand, dishonest, con-man crap.

Ever wash dishes...just to clear your mind?

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As I was washing dishes this evening, I was thinking about some of the things that have been bothering me lately:

a) I can't believe I didn't know James Earl Ray was not Martin Luther King, Jr.'s asassin, b) I really want to make this weblog a place where everybody {my workshop friends(other workshoppers), friends, family, co-workers (whom I respect), and other interested parties} can come and post or author works here, yet I am not sure how. c) I need to write and about page. About me and about my intentions of this site. d) I have to choose one of the image plugins for MT and load it and start using it, then switch to the "best" one later. e) I need to explain how easy and how fun these weblogs can be, and why one would want to do them (I think a link section to a variety of quality links will suffice, I'll get to work on culling the pointless ones out of my list later this week). f) I need to invite friends and family to participate in this thing. I think I'll start with some workshoppers, and then see where we can go from there.

Later, after my sink was shiny white, and when my mind was overly full of noise, I made some tea and spent a nice evening at home alone reading McSweeney's #10. I have to go now and wake up slightly early, and read Tracie's blog, she finally posted something.

Lightening Up...

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My mom took a look at the site and determined that I need to lighten up, well is this light enough? Perhaps not.

I've seen several paradies of this, a seriously wrong US propaganda site, financed by...that's right you and I and all our fellow taxpayers. This makes me think that perhaps some of our top officials should lighten up, or perhaps go away.

This is a scary reminder of the power of nationalism and propaganda. Any body remember World War II, or the Cold War with the U.S.S.R? It seems whenever domestic turmoil raises its head in the U.S. , we find an evil to combat and a new country to setup as "Democratic". Does this strike anyone else as wrong? How about we figure out how to make U.S. domestic "Economic Security" more viable for the rest of the world, and stop spreading the defective product to other countries? Or if there are other options, then lets give them a chance first.

Oooh food!!

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Hey, THIS (site kinda at least) looks like a great place to get and share recipes....Tracie check this out...

Last night I screwed up a pretty simple dish and I'm feeling that I could use all the help I can get. This link is also in the OTHER ROUTES section of this site.

We'll have our own food section soon enough...

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