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Peach Lavender Ice Cream2-3#

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Peach Lavender Ice Cream

2-3# Fresh Texas Peaches
6 Egg Yolks
1 1/2 Cups Heavy Cream (Whipping Cream)
2 1/2 Cups Milk (Whole or 2%)
1 2/3 Cup Sugar (split in two separate measurements)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract or 1 Vanilla Bean (split and seeds scrapped into mixture)
2 Stalks of Lavender (~4" tall wiht lots of nice leaves)

Ice, about 1#
Water, quite a bit

Equipment Needed:
4 qt Saucepan
Wooden Spoon
Fine Mesh Strainer
Ice Cream Maker
4 medium to large mixing bowls
Large Sauce or Stock Pot

1. Using a paring knife, score the peaches at the pointy end, with an x. Immerse in boiling water for a minute or until the skin appears to start pulling away. Shock in an ice bath. Peel and cut wedges off of the pit. Divide the wedges and cut into smallish chunks or cubes. Place in a bowl and reserve in your fridge,freezer or over an ice bath.

2. Combine in a non-reactive saucepan milk, cream, lavender, vanilla, and 1/2 of the amount of sugar.

3. Bring Milk mixture to a scald (just before the boil) and turn off and allows the flavors to infuse for 15-20 minutes.

4. When it has almost steeped long enough, combine the egg yolks and remaining sugar in a bowl and whisk vigourously until the mixture is fluffy and pastel yellow (This is known as "blanchir" in the french culinary world).

5. Setup a bowl over a bowl of ice water and have your fine mesh strainer handy.

6. Bring the milk mixture back to scald slowly. Slowly temper the yolk mixture by ladling in and stirring a few ladles of the hot milk mixture. When you've got about 4-5 ladles of warm mixture into the yolk mixture, you can quickly add the rest. (Tempering prevents scrambling the egg yolks).

7. Return to heat (low-to-med) and bring back to scald. Stir constantly and slowly with a wooden spoon until the mixture thickens slightly and coats the back of the wooden spoon. (It is ready when you drag your finger across the back of the spoon and the divide created stays).

8. Strain mixture into a bowl over an ice bath. Stir mixture until it is cool to touch.

9. Combine peaches and Ice Cream Mixture (Creme Anglaise). Pour into Ice Cream maker, and get it going.

10. Enjoy!

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